C Montana | Traphouse

Who is C Montana? Do I give a fuck? “Traphouse” doesn’t convince me either way. He’s in the traphouse, he didn’t go to college or get a job, he got kicked out of school, he didn’t have any money so he went to the traphouse. He does it for fun, he’s going to buy a mansion and a lambo whether or not he makes a shitload of money from music. He lives a life that rappers rap about, if this were America he’d be hunted by the FBI.

Fair enough. I don’t believe him, but it’s tough to decide based on this one track whether he’s a total twat or just playing the role, whether it’s momentary madness or terminal. One to watch, but he could use loosening up a little bit. Album out at the end of last year was called “Rich & Paranoid”, again not sure how I feel about that. Undercover Marxist or capitalist stooge?