Project Girls Club | Run Up

Project Girls Club “Run Up” is such bizarre budget glam it’s going to be difficult to write about without sounding like I’m trying to be ironic or patronising. But fuck… they’re dressed up fancy in a dreary looking quarry with puddles of rainwater. Some guy in the comments says “They look like a bunch of baby mothers…” which is disturbing in so many ways, but also just a little bit true. Like that’s a bad thing? Of course not. Coming from a group of men the lyrics would be a bit tedious, if not actually repulsive. Who wants to hear macho materialism these days? But it still sounds kind of cool when women do it, and as ever I’m a sucker for minimal electro. But still I’m not sure if the song would be more or less impressive with a slick video. Without the industrial detritus would I even have noticed it?