Sunday Morning

I was at a wedding reception in a big country house, I think perhaps my wife and a few of her friends and maybe even the kids were there but it was largely people I don’t know. There was a violent incident of some sort, perhaps a stabbing but maybe an explosion. Either way I’m on the periphery, I don’t have major injuries but for some reason I end up in hospital. Perhaps minor injuries, perhaps someone I’m with is injured and I’m there to accompany them.

At the hospital I feel a hair in my mouth and I pull it out. Then I pull another one out, slightly longer. But there’s still one more hair to pull out, I’m relieved, finally I’ll be free of this hair in my mouth, but this one is really really long. I start pulling, and pulling, and pulling. But the hair isn’t just in my mouth, I’m pulling it up from down my throat, presumably from a massive coil of hair somewhere inside. As I keep pulling it feels thicker, almost like steel wire, and I’m wondering if by pulling it up I’m tearing my insides apart. I start to panic, realise I’m asleep and wake myself up. There’s a dry patch at the top of my throat, ever so slightly painful. It’s a relief.