Election Night

Wish there was somewhere else I could have watched the election than the BBC. Worst bit of the night (aside from the exit poll, obviously) was watching Andrew Neil sneer when a Labour politician had the nerve to suggest the extreme right-wing media in the UK had some part to play in the Tory victory. Because that’s the reason why I find it so hard to imagine a future in which England isn’t totally fucked. Not just the fascist rags, all the talking heads on the BBC and no doubt over the next few days writing for smug centre-right publications like the New Statesman and The Guardian suggesting the problem with Labour is they’re too idealistic. That they would win elections if they wouldn’t be so damn principled. Refusing to challenge the lies because once people swallow those lies and start parroting them back to us the fact they’re lies is unimportant because now it’s the wisdom of the people. Corbyn is a racist terrorist sympathiser, Johnson is a man of the people and 1+1=3 and we just have to deal with that. Fuck that shit.