The Next Day

I’m trying to avoid the mainstream media at the moment because I’m middle aged now and I don’t want to fuck with my blood pressure. Not in the mood with all the crap I just know is going to be on there about why Labour lost. But I’m in a political debates group and there’s a few Tories in there and one just came in sharing a troll post titled “How to Lose Elections and Alienate People” which got my blood boiling because I know this is what’s going down right now. Stuff about “radical policies” and how we need to keep quiet about blatant racism. But what really got to me was the line about Labour supporters “refusing to listen to alternative perspectives”. What they call an alternative perspective has been the mainstream since 1979. We’re sick of it because it’s making us sick – literally. The cheek of it coming online telling us we should “listen” to the crap that’s been shoved down our throats for the majority of our lives. Patronising nonsense. Blocking the twat and getting back in my bubble until the nausea subsides.