Hello. My name is Ringo and this is my personal site. It's the website I should have built in 1998 but didn't get around to until late 2014. I'm a music nerd so at the moment it's mostly home to lists of noises I've been listening to or I'm looking forward to hearing soon. That may change in the future.

email is best way to get hold of me: ringo@erratica.solutions

I've been writing (mostly) about music for various (mostly) British publications since 2002. Currently I'm (mostly) focussed on blogging at the273.com (a hiphop blog based in Brighton, England) and writing reviews for The Wire (an old school print magazine based in London, England). Some of my recent writing can also be found at collapseboard.com (a music website based in Brisbane, Australia) and thequietus.com (a music website based in London, England).

Social networks? I've still got a few semi-active profiles but I'm trying to phase them out. I'm not totally against social networks, I've just given up on them for now. Maybe one day everyone I know will migrate to a network run by the users rather than the advertisers and I'll be tempted on board. Right now they're a a bit of a waste.

Most recent update: 21st January 2015