TMI 2022 | 18 | R.I.P. Tim Westwood’s career

(Sunday 24 April through Sunday 1 May)

Fresh -Ish)

Albums, mixtapes, EPs, whatever… Not all new releases! … every fresh(-ish) project I’ve listened through over the last week, whether with deep intent or in the background while I’m trying to get my head round something else. Fresh(-ish) = released in the last twelve months.
Rated! Generously, and very approximately, on a scale based around how much of the album struck me as worth going back to and how likely it seems I’ll get round to it again… Everything is worthy! But time’s limited, y’knah…

Rap & post-Rap

Action Bronson: Cocodrillo Turbo (Lomas Vista Recordings) | 3* |
Bob Vylan: Bob Vylan Presents The Price Of Life (Ghost Theatre) | 3* |
Dreya Mac: Twentyone (Just Jam) | 5* |
Future: I Never Liked You (Epic/Freebandz) | 3* |
MC Melodee & Cookin Soul: Bonafide (Cookin Soul Records) | 3* |
Nelson Dialect & Mr Slipz: Ever Since (High Focus) | 2* |
Pooh Shiesty: Shiesty Season, Certified (Atlantic Records) | 4* |
Redveil: learn 2 swim (Redveil) | 2* |
Surya Sen: At What Cost (Skint) | 3* |
Trillary Banks: 90’s Baby (Trillary Banks) | 3* |
Vic Spencer & Sonnyjim: Spencer For Higher 4 (Old Fart Luggage) | 4* |
Yellohill: Growth Is Gangsta (EMPIRE/Yelloworld) | 4* |

Token Ecclectica

Blackhaine: And Salford Falls Apart (HEAD II) | 2* |
Boj: Gbanga Express (MOVES Recordings) | 5* |
Neue Grafik Ensemble: Foulden Road Part II (Total Refreshment Centre) | 2* |


  • DJ Tim Westwood accused of sexual misconduct (Chi Chi Izundu & Ruth Evans, BBC) — oh, Tim! You dirty old sleaze. The big surprise is this is finally being reported on, how fast the world is changing, how people come to care about things which seemed normal for years… almost… room for… optimism… he’s stepped down from his show, club bookings have been cancelled, his career is dead (for now), his legacy? … complex. Embarassing. A footnote, like Cliff Richard. Quintessential wealthy English eccentric, entirely rejected his parents’ world only to lose himself in a largely foreign culture. Was effectively the public face of Hip-Hop in the UK for maybe a decade, no doubt in part because he’s a privately educated and reassuringly pale-faced but also because he was utterly shameless, throwing himself into the role with total passion… is it a tragedy? Perhaps, if you see his sleaze as part of the role… he was doing what he figured all the rappers were doing, maybe what they were pretending to do… Or maybe he was just sleazy from the start… after all, as it’s compulsory to mention every time Tim’s the topic of conversation, his dad was a bishop…
  • Dirty air affects 97% of UK homes, data shows (Damian Carrington, The Guardian) — according to the Central Office of Public Interest and Imperial College London 70% of homes in the UK are in areas where the air contains high concentrations of three grim sounding chemicals (PM 2.5, PM10, NO2) which cause strokes, bronchitis, cancer, a bunch of other named nasties and the super scary catch all “increased risk of disease related mortality”. Yum! A further 27% get excessive doses of one or two of the three. The house I’ve been living in for almost fourteen years rates as “HIGH AIR POLUTION”. Reassuringly, the house where I grew up is only “MEDIUM AIR POLUTION” so I guess I got a good start in life, at least with regards to air polution…