TMI 2022 | 23 | Back to life, back to reality with Rick Ross, Yella Beezy and YK Osiris

(Sunday 22 May through Sunday 06 June)

A week off! Unplanned, but still refreshing. That said, as ever I return in slow motion so even now I don’t quite feel like I’m back up to speed. Kind of mood where even though there’s a lot of interesting stuff in the pipeline right now all I seem to want to hear is Blac Youngsta.

Fresh (-Ish)

Albums, mixtapes, EPs, whatever… Not all new releases! … every fresh(-ish) project I’ve listened through over the last week, whether with deep intent or in the background while I’m trying to get my head round something else.
Rated!nothing to do with quality! WTF would I know about quality? …based on how likely I am to go back to it, or bits of it, with 5* meaning it’s already been on repeat…

Rap & post-Rap

A$AP Ant: Lil Black Jean Jacket 3 (Marino Infantry) | 3* |
Blac Youngsta: 4LIFE (Heavy Camp) | 5* |
Haviah Mighty: Stock Exchange (Mighty Gang Inc) | 3* |
Jermiside & The Expert: The Overview Effect (Rucksack Records) | 3* |
Kamaiyah: Divine Timing (Keep It Lit Records) | 4*|
Krazy Wordlife: The Warpath (Wordlife) | 2* |
M Huncho: Chasing Euphoria (Island/Universal) | 5* |
NoCap: Mr Crawford (P2021) | 4*|
Murkage Dave: The City Needs A Hero (New Order New Edition) | 3* |
Novelist: 4 Tha Homiez (Mmmyeh Records) | 5* |
Tony Bontana & Thom Delhi: Tony Thom 2022 (Everything Is Perfect/Bandcamp) | 3* |
Verbs Of Iron Bridge: The Mirror (Iron Bridge Records) | 3* |

Token Ecclectica

Mary Halvorson: Amaryllis (Nonesuch) | 3* |
Mary Halvorson: Belladonna (Nonesuch) | 3* |
Shabaka: African Culture (Impulse) | 3* |


Laddio Bolocko: 1997-1999 (Castle Face) | 2* |magical moments, only moments…


  • Ceepee, “Bills/Winter” (YouTube/GRM Daily) — …this guy has a lovely singing voice, and he totally had me empathising and sympathising and all that stuff with the “bills don’t pay themselves” routine on the hook until the bit in the video with all the closeups of some expensive car. Can’t see why I should put up with him moaning about the bills when he’s wasting money on silly shit like that. Great song, still. I’m just going to have to imagine a whole different video next time I listen.
  • Motman & Hozay, “Snow In May” (YouTube/05:21 Official) — …he’s 24 and just spent his last tenner on a draw, he thinks he should know better. Yeah. On the one hand, at nearly twice his age it’s something of a cringe how hard I still relate to that bar, on the other hand I’m thinking maybe he should go easy on himself. The world is fucked up! And as coping mechanisms go, weed is decent value still. Maybe he knows better than he thinks.