2022 | 30.5 | The Week That Wasn’t

(Sunday 10 July through Friday 29 July)

The week that wasn’t. A tsunami of trivial shit threatened to overwhelm, then finally I got COVID-19. After all this time! So back into my shell it was, unto the point where I totally lost track of the outside world. Beyonce has a new album out? I’ll sure I’ll get round to it at some point. Maybe when the panic’s over, maybe before. Maybe next week. Maybe not. Until then there’s a backlog to attend to, the history of recorded sound to get lost in, and sometimes that’s just the kind of fallback I need to keep me moderately sane. Fuck engaging with the discourse! I’ll get to things in my own time. That said, I did stick my head above the parapet a little, listened to a few new things. Even rated some of them, tentatively, not to the point where I’d type it out loud. Maybe next week. Maybe the week after.

Fresh -Ish)

Albums, mixtapes, EPs, whatever… Not all new releases! … every fresh(-ish) project I’ve listened through over the last few weeks, whether with deep intent or in the background while I’m trying to get my head round something else. Unrated! For now.

  • B Live: Wisdom Ain’t Cheap (Livewire Records)
  • CB: A Driller’s Perspective 2 (mayowahd)
  • Flo Milli: You Still Here, Ho? (RCA)
  • G Perico: 111th East (Perico’s Innerprize LLC)
  • Jimmy: Risk It All (Ditto Music/Jimmy)
  • Lil Silva: Yesterday Is Heavy (Nowhere Music)
  • Lloyd Banks: The Course Of The Inevitable 2 (EMPIRE/Money By Any Means LLC)
  • Ms Banks: Bank Statement (Ms Banks 2022)
  • RZA: RZA Presents Bobby Digital And The Pit Of Snakes (MNRK Music)
  • Saul Williams: Unanimous Goldmine (The Original Soundtrack Of Neptune Frost) (FADER Distribution)
  • Steve Lacy: Gemini Rights (L-M/RCA)
  • Vanity Rose: Pretty Girls Get Lonely (Good Partners/Family Tree Services)